Visit Leeds - Leeds Tourist Attractions

If you are staying in or around the city of Leeds then there are plenty of things to do and places of interest to visit. If you are interested in historic buildings and stately homes then you may want to consider a trip to see Harewood House, which is one of England’s great historic homes. The house was built between 1759 and 1771 by Edwin Lascelles. Lascelles called in some of the finest artists and furniture makers of the day to complete the house. You can spend a quiet afternoon just going through the house and looking at the various collections that it contains. Harewood House has some beautiful grounds and gardens and an Adventure playground and lake, so there is something to please all of the family.

For train buffs then a visit to the Middleton Railway Centre just two miles south of the city is a must. The railway has been providing a service for well over a hundred and fifty years and offers opportunities to experience living history, something that many children will enjoy. If you enjoy performances then the West Yorkshire Playhouse in the heart of the city of Leeds should be on your must see agenda. The Playhouse has a reputation for being one of the country’s most exciting repertory theatres and is home to a range of facilities that will please both theatre goes and non-theatre goers alike. Besides and indoor and an outdoor or courtyard theatre, the Playhouse has an award winning bar, a restaurant and even a gallery.

Leeds has a renowned industrial history, beginning with the mills. Armley Mills was once the world’s largest wool mill and is now a celebrated industrial museum. The museum houses artefacts from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that show the history of textiles and the beginning of locomotive and engine manufacturing in Leeds. Weekend visitors can see a water wheel, steam engine and spinning mules all in operation. The mills were actually taken over by Leeds City Council in 1969 to create a museum that celebrated some of the industrial history of Leeds.

If you are interested in gold and jewellery, and what woman isn’t, then you should take a look at Art of Gold, a gallery displaying both paintings, and the craftsmanship of jewellery makers. There are displays of jewellery from six of the most new and promising jewellery makers in the country. The Victoria Quarter not only has some of the best designer shopping in Leeds, it is also of historical interest. During the nineteenth century, Leeds, like many other English cities of the time was dirty and foul smelling and the civic authorities of the time sought to improve the area known as Briggate. They demolished some of the dirtiest places and built stained glass covered arcades with superior shopping to cater for the wealthy shoppers in Leeds.

Leeds has a long and varied history, and for those with a special interest in the area there are plenty of worthwhile attractions and fun days out. Leeds is full of cafes, restaurants and pedestrianised areas with public seating, so you don’t have to wear yourself out sight seeing.

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